Pellows Monumental Services

At Pellows Funeral Directors we are able to help with all aspects of choosing a lasting memorial for your loved one.

With modern technology the choice of photographs and artwork designs can depict the special interests in a person’s life, and whether it be a traditional or contemporary design our team will create something unique and personal. Maybe there is an image that you have designed for the memorial or we can work with you to design something specific

While we can design and custom-make a large range of headstones and plaques, there are council bylaws in every region of New Zealand which govern the size of memorials allowed at each cemetery.

For more information or to view our full range please click here or phone Pellows Funeral Directors on (07) 856 5129.

Rob M.25/09/19

Wonderful and compassionate professionals. Highly recommend

Stephen H.25/10/17

Such a warm and caring team that made me feel very welcome.

Lorraine C.01/07/21

Thank you for treating our family with such kindness, sensitivity and respect. We are forever grateful and would recommend you to anyone.

pzNx x.20/01/20

Beautiful services, compassionate and attentive would recommend to all.